Morningstar Homes, John Lile

MorningStar Homes is a homebuilder in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill specializing in full custom and semi-custom homes that meet the needs of our customers. With the ability to do everything from full design/build to construction of a pre-designed plan, MorningStar has the right solution for your upcoming homebuilding project!

What sets MorningStar Homes apart from the competition? We pride ourselves on truly trying to listen to our clients and develop a great relationship with them so that the building experience is less of a stress on them. We believe that with our attention to your needs, our relationship with our Interior Designer and a complement of experienced sub contractors...we offer the best overall value in a new custom home. We're also not a high volume production manufacturer of homes, and we pride ourselves on our working relationships with our customers. We spend a considerable amount of time prior to construction getting to know our customers, their needs and their wants, while turning their dream homes into reality.

John Lile has experience in all aspects of homebuilding, from initial product development to land and lot development to all facets of actualhome construction. He has held many positions over the years, most recently as a regional president of a multi-state operation for a large homebuilding company on the east coast. His background and education in homebuilding is extensive, and he has been recognized by many of his peers as a leader in this industry. John also has an extensive background in training and consulting, including management development and leadership training.

In the last 10 years John has dedicated himself to understanding how to build a high performance custom home. To this end he has committed 100% of his homes to the Energy Star Program and is also a Green Certified Builder. John is currently working on his commercial contractors license. Absolute Construction and Development, Nelu Skumpija.