Navigating Land Buying: Expert Insights

Ready to own a piece of Chatham County? Our experts reveal essential tips for successful land buying. From zoning to investment, we've got you covered. Dive in now!

Key Factors to Consider

Land Buying Tips in Chatham County

Intended Use

Determine the purpose of the land, whether it's for farming, housing, business, hunting, investment, or timber. Investigate if the property aligns with your intended use.


Assess the presence of amenities such as ponds, fences, streams, septic services, or pastures on the land. These features can impact the suitability for your specific needs.


Evaluate the land's topography, considering its levelness or steepness. Steep land may pose limitations for installing a septic system or hinder commercial development due to the need for expensive leveling.


Clearly define the land size required based on your intended use. Keep in mind that even a relatively small property, like five acres, can be suitable for specific purposes like cattle farming.


Research existing easements on the land, such as public roads, gas lines, utility easements, neighboring septic systems, or train tracks. Understanding these easements is crucial for planning and avoiding unexpected limitations.

Value Comparison

Compare the land's intended use with its overall value. For instance, while a plot near a highway might be ideal for commercial development, it may not be suitable for residential purposes.


Determine the availability of essential utilities like sewer, water, natural gas, broadband, and power. Access to these utilities is vital for any land usage.

Tax Exemptions

Investigate potential tax exemptions for the land, such as those applicable to timber use or farming activities. Determine if you qualify for any exemptions that could benefit you.

Deed Restrictions

Check for any deed restrictions that may limit or regulate your desired activities on the land. Understanding these restrictions is crucial to ensure your plans align with the property's legal framework.

Local Restrictions

Be aware of local restrictions related to streams, building setbacks, endangered species, and zoning regulations. Compliance with these restrictions is necessary to avoid complications during land development.

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